More than 110 years of OTTO KIND

1901 Otto Kind founds his company

The OTTO KIND manufacturing company comes into existence in the year 1901. The intimate knowledge of the required improvements for shop fittings form the basis of the company founding. Otto Kind wanted to make it better.

1916 Innovation from the start

The objective: Modernisation of retail and development of optimal aids for goods presentation and sale. Based on his many years of sales activity, Otto Kind designs, patents and manufactures new, innovative point of sale fittings for the then prevailing retail trade.

1924 OTTO KIND writes his first specialist book about organisation

"The benefit of organisation in factory operation" is the title of the first specialist book written by Otto Kind. It was already clear then: Otto Kind as one of the pioneers focussed on the improvement of work processes in factories and on development, manufacture and sale of high quality factory equipment.

1926 OTTO KIND adopts new marketing strategy

With probably the first catalogue in the history of shop fittings, OTTO KIND gains numerous customers quickly – the company grows at an above-average rate. OTTO KIND already employs more than 300 people in the year 1926.

1933 First international connections arise

The Netherlands trading company DE GRUYTER is impressed by the products and services of the OTTO KIND company. This forms the basis for the subsequent close business relationship of many years.

1938 Marketing par excellence

The consequent orientation of the founder OTTO KIND with the requirements of the market is a successful example of excellent marketing: The customer and the essential benefits for him are what matter most in development and sales. And this is still the case today.


1945 Factory and employees survive the war largely undamaged

Otto Kind already regulated his succession that his two sons took over before the outbreak of the Second World War. The Second World War provided an abrupt end to this succession so that Otto Kind took over the helm again himself. The factory halls were spared from war damage and most of the employees returned home from the war.

1948 Conversion to a GmbH

Otto Kind converted his company to a GmbH on January 1, 1948 and took on his 7 children as partners in the management of the business areas. Sons and sons-in-law return unscathed from the war; the succession and the continuation of the company are assured.

1949 Hans-Otto Kind takes over the management

Otto Kind dies on March 11, 1949. His oldest son, Hans-Otto Kind becomes Managing Director. The destroyed branches in the European large cities are rebuilt.

1951 Sensation at the international exhibition in Bari

The greatest sensation at the 15th international Levante exhibition in Bari is the completely designed steel and chromium-plated shop fitting from OTTO KIND. The innovation protected by international patents enables the capture of the climatically challenging southern countries and stands out again from the competition.

1951 The biography of Otto Kind is published

"ORDER - A prerequisite of success". The biography of Otto Kind by the author Franz Lerner, his attachment to the development, history and further development of shopfitting and factory equipment is published; with a detailed description of the work of Otto Kind and the continuous growth of the company. The number of employees increases to 460.

1960 Self-service - the revolution in retail

Self-service became commonplace in the 1960s. OTTO KIND recognised this new trend as early as the 1950s, understood this early as an opportunity and developed into a market leader in this segment in the 1960s.


1977 Continuous growth

The consistent orientation to customer desires and quality, the constant improvement of the business processes and modern marketing are cornerstones of success. The OTTO KIND company grows to more than 700 employees and more than DM 75 million in sales and is best positioned internationally.

1979 Synonym for quality

The shopfittings from OTTO KIND - oriented to a sophisticated system for the realisation of individual shopfitting with simultaneous minimisation of the parts diversity and fast production - set the standards. The product range for factory, warehouse and archiving equipment contribute in the same way to the continuing success of the company.


1980 Specialisation in the markets

With the objective of better results, the two market segments of shopfitting systems and factory and office equipment have been worked on by separately operating companies. The different requirements of the submarkets can thus be met more effectively.


1993 Ergonomic workplace systems

KM - first generation of the ergonomic workplace systems launched.

1999 Concentration on the strengths

With the objective of increased productivity and reduction of the manufacturing times, the entire operational logistics at the Dümmlinghausen site are restructured from scratch. OTTO KIND thus has one of the most effective production facilities in its sector.


2001 Development and progress

The consistent implementation of the globalisation strategy in connection with continuous improvement in production and development form the foundation for the next successful 100 years of OTTO KIND AG.

2011 OTTO KIND becomes part of the ZECH Group

The NWI Group as holding company of the ZECH Group located in Bremen takes over OTTO KIND. The company is converted to a GmbH & Co. KG and repositioned on the market. The company becomes completely aligned by NWI to Lean & Kaizen concepts.

2015 OTTO KIND receives German Design Award

OTTO KIND is pioneer again and in 2014 develops the first sound insulating shopfitting system that drastically reduces the noise load in supermarkets and shops. The length of stay is increased, the stress is relieved and a significant increase in sales is achieved the departments of the customers that have been upgraded in this way.

2015 Relaunch of the OTTO KIND brand and new CD

The corporate design of the OTTO KIND brand is revised. The brand relaunch also includes a strategic further development of the range of products and services in the company divisions. Continuing the motto of Otto Kind, OTTO KIND provides: "Order and cleanliness in shop and factory" Lean & Kaizen training courses. The areas of shopfitting and factory equipment are extended by the acoustics subject and OTTO KIND starts positioning as general shopfitter for supermarkets.

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