Heavy duty table multi4power

  • Highly durable with 2000 kg dynamic load capacity
  • stable due to welded tubular steel frame
  • safe due to self-locking spindles and spur gears
  • practical with integrated connection panel for power supply
  • modularly extendable through integrated system interfaces


Height-adjustable work tables with system
The demands on modern workstations in companies are increasing owing to ergonomic requirements. Setting the optimum height for machining is an absolute must, especially for large and heavy workpieces. Only with these settings can the required activities be conscientiously carried out with the highest use of force and great durability. The OTTOKIND multi4power heavy-duty tables offer electric height adjustment in the range of 710 – 1080 mm (upper edge of table top) for more efficient and flexible work processes at an ergonomic working height. They ensure that work is easy on the back and joints.

Safety takes a high priority
The design with self-locking spindle motors ensures a high level of safety at the workstation without crushing hazards.

Flexible by design
The multi4power work tables allow the use of proven options for tool provision, lighting and material flow.