Montagearbeitsplatz multi4easy

Ergonomic workstations multi4easy

The ergonomic OTTOKIND multi4easy workstation systems are characterised by the stable connection of the table frames made of extremely load-bearing vertical profiles and the horizontal profile tubes with the loadbearing worktops.

The height adjustment of the multi4easy-M works mechanically via a tube-in-tube construction. The table height can be adjusted to the user and the work requirements in a height grid of 20 mm, in a range from 690 to 990 mm.

With the multi4easy-E, height adjustment takes place by electric motor in the range from 690 to 1070 mm. Dovetail profile tubes with integrated guide groove enable grid-free adjustability of system components in horizontal direction.

The dovetail profile tube inserted at the front under the table top with its system groove enables the continuous adjustability of drawers, operating elements and power supply along the front edge of the table top.

At the back, dovetail profile tubes are arranged under the tabletop and at knee height. Users can freely adjust the vertical table supports horizontally.

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