Montagearbeitsplatz multi2move

Ergonomic workstations multi2move

The Otto Kind multi2move work table system is versatile in its dimensions and designs, and can be extended. Load capacities of up to 200 kg are available. Plus 4 table depths from 700 to 1000 mm and 3 table widths from 1280 to 2030 mm. The table height is adjustable via electric motor from 690 to 1070 mm. All basic tables can be supplemented with an extension table. Extension is possible both in angle form and in row form. The addition of an extension table and the dismantling back into a basic table can be carried out at a later date. The use of superstructures for material supply over the entire table width of up to 4060 mm is a useful feature. It’s easy to link several workstations with material flow on a single table with common height adjustability.