Acoustic Systems

Our Otto Kind acoustic systems create shopping experience or island of peace depending on how they are used in shopfitting and factory equipment.

Should your shop fittings not only be functionally impressive but also create unique incentives to purchase and make regular customers out of visitors? The use of pleasant acoustics is simultaneously uncomplicated and revolutionary: The acoustics also increase the willingness to buy without intrusive advertising messages and motivate your customers to subsequent visits without hurting your budget.

Thanks to the compatible Otto Kind acoustic systems, the required shopfitting measures are easy to implement. The acoustics are harmonically matched to your existing shop fittings and the available space. You create sales areas and acoustic islands with the Otto Kind components with absorber function that perfectly meet the perception of the human ear and make possible a completely relaxed shopping experience that is free of distractions.

This deeply emotional customer approach is possible due to the mature Otto Kind acoustic solutions at the highest technical level: our system is unique in the world, consisting of patent-pending Otto Kind sound absorbers, with micro-cut perforated wall and ceiling panelling and a patented system made of micro capillary fibre foam plates.

These modules and solutions of course also provide the acoustic fine adjustment of your factory equipment – for example by enclosure of machinery, measurement and test laboratories, seamlessly integrated in the production area.

Major conversions or restructuring of your factory equipment is not necessary. Otto Kind acoustic systems can be easily integrated in existing environments. They also do not occupy any otherwise usable work or production areas as the Otto Kind acoustic systems are extremely efficient; even small material thicknesses achieve great sound absorption performance.

Whether as part of shopfitting or factory equipment: Thanks to individual combinations of absorption areas on the walls and special ceiling panels, perfect quiet areas can be created in all business premises. Unique items and customised designs that are perfectly tailored to your premises can of course also be created using the available Otto Kind acoustic modules, innovative technology and our acoustics know-how.